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Walking Into A New Life: Excerpt from Chapter 9: My Life Intangible

Excerpt From Chapter 9

Walking Into A New Life

My weekend and the rest of my week was awesome as well. I passed my all my finals and Mario even made time to take me to prom that weekend. After I came back from my hotcouple8senior trip, I prepared for graduation and senior prank week. Mario was even able to take me on my campus tour, after he finished up the last of his rotations and shelf exams. I still couldn’t believe he somehow managed to finish at the top of his class and even secure his residency spot. I guess there really was a method to his madness. I finished fifth in my class and  was walking with honors.

I couldn’t believe Graduation day came so fast, I woke up that Saturday morning nervous and excited. I couldn’t wait to don my capping gown, because I was going to rock class the of 94 and I had no time to waste. After breakfast I left to get my hair, nails and makeup done. Then I headed over to the school for one final practice with my graduating class. After practice I raced home to get dressed and touch up my makeup.

It was supposed to be a quick trip home, but on my way out I ran into Mario. He congratulated me with a kiss and somehow we ended up in bed, things got even better when Carmen joined us. I absolutely loved spontaneous sex and quality time with the loves of my life. Needless to say my quick trip home turned into an afternoon of pleasurable fun and when it came to an end I was a little bit sad, but I had to get back to graduation.

By four o’clock, I was standing in position ready to march. As I follow my classmates down the aisle, I glanced the audience for my family. I couldn’t see anything because of all the flash photography and bright lights. I want my family to see how well I had done and meet Mario and our family. I was hopeful that everything would go well, because I didn’t want to answer a whole lot of questions. With my fingers crossed, I sat through graduation with a smile on my face and great expectations for my future. After the ceremony was over, I took a few pictures with friends and went to look for my family.

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