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Exciting Urban Script for the New Millenium

The Upset-My Life: Intangible Love by VaRae

Excerpt from Chapter 3

The Upset
My home life had  started to improve, so much.  After five years, my mamma was finally out of the bed and Cinnamon came home. She transferred to Georgia State and I finally had my family back, life felt somewhat normal. By the time school started, Alyssa’s secret was out of the bag and she didn’t care. She was more excited for me, because I had a stable home life, a boyfriend that made me happy and I made it to the eleventh grade with her. For my birthday that year, my mamma and grandparents surprised me with a black 1991 fully loaded Honda Accord. I was so excited that I didn’t even care about having a party, me and Alyssa rode around all day. We had even more fun then hanging out with people we didn’t know.

I went by Mario’s place the next day to show off my new car, but I didn’t get the reaction I wanted. Instead he started questioning me again and demanded I to tell him the truth. He seemed kind of paranoid and very jumpy, but he was adamant about knowing my real age. I couldn’t lie to him, so I just change the subject and took his mind off of his original question. That worked for several encounters and when that no longer worked, I resorted it to seduction. Mario is always a sucker for sex and his appetite for it was insatiable. Every time the subject of my age came up, I let him have his way with me. Which worked for all of two months, then I resorted to avoiding his question altogether and I was good at that.

In mid November after a pleasurable wild afternoon of fun, I was in the shower, Mario decided to go through my purse and he found my information. He walked into the bedroom, as I got out of the shower and asked my age. I took a deep breath and open my mouth, but before I could get a word out. He looked at me and said ”Before you lie, I have your drivers license.” He held it up and then threw it at me, I was cold busted. There was nothing I could say or do, I just stood there. I felt so horrible for lying and I couldn’t even began to explain how I felt. When I started crying, he walked toward me with his arms opened and then stopped cold. He suddenly turned away in anger and walked out, slamming the door in my face.

After I got dressed and found him sitting in the living room, I begged him to listen to me. I started to plead my case, but he wouldn’t even look at me and told me to get out. I wrapped my arms around him and attempted to change his mind but he pushed me away instead. He backed away from me and called me a liar, I could hear the anguish in his voice. Tears began flowing down his face as I walked toward him and tried to wrap my arms around him again. He screamed at me and told me to leave, but I just stood there like a statue. Then he started pushing me toward the door and I refused to move. Frustrated with me at that point, he pick me up and carried me out.

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