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Exciting Urban Script for the New Millenium

The Truth: Excerpt from Chapter 4: My Life Intangible Love by VaRae the Author

Excerpt From Chapter 4

Suga 1The Truth

I stayed with Alyssa’s family for about a week and then Jessie moved me into his house. I felt like I was on top of the world, because everything was going to my way. But three weeks into my Texas adventure, reality hit me hard and I do mean literally. I had gotten home from school early that day and I decided to cook and clean. When Jessie got home, I was finishing up the last of my homework. He asked me a question, but I didn’t respond right away and the next thing I remember, was being out cold. I came to, a few minutes later, unsure of what happened with a sore face and bloody mouth. Jessie forced me to sit at the table with him and dared me to cry. Despite my confusion and strong urge to vomit, I sat down quietly and ate with him. When we were finished with dinner, he got up without a word and left.

After I got over the initial shock, I cleaned the kitchen and convince myself it was a one time incident; besides I must have done something wrong. When Jessie came back later that night drunk with flowers, he got on his knees and begged for my forgiveness. He told me that it would never happen again and I believed him. Huh…..what did I do that for? Things progressively got worse, every other day it was something new. It didn’t stop with the beating, he would force himself on me anytime he felt like it. The one thought that played over and over in my mind, is how well he played me with his good guy routine.

By December I felt so stupid, because Mario tried to warn me and I just didn’t listen. Alyssa was the only person who knew what was really going on. Everyone else thought I had it so great, not knowing the secrets I was hiding. They could only see, a guy that took good care of me and bought me anything I wanted. The girls at school would always say how lucky I was and some were even jealous.

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