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The Reconnect Excerpts from Chapter 2 My Life by VaRae

Excerpts from Chapter 2

The Reconnect

I never realized how uncomfortable I would feel…  Talking was out of the question, so I sat quietly, continuously crossing my legs… back and forth. Then I tried to appear cool, but everytime Mario glanced over at me, the whole ride all I could think about was him touching my wetness. After we dropped Alyssa off at her boyfriend’s house, he asked me where I was going. Trying to be charismatic and sexy, I blurted out wherever you’re going. “Okay, my place it is” he said with a smile. Almost regretting my words, I just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

We pulled up at his complex and it was nice. Growing up in a house my entire life, I never knew apartments could be so beautiful. As I admire the view of the three storey unit with beautifully designed balconies, I didn’t realize Mario had already gotten out of the car and opened my door. That made me feel special, because he acted like a gentleman and he didn’t hit on me like that. We walked hand in hand up to his building and down a short breezeway to his door. My nerves kicked into overdrive when he put the key in and open the door, but to my surprise we stepped into an awesomely decorated living room. I mean the carpet was plush and the pictures were nicely hung on the walls. His black and cream decor really appealed to my eyes and the leather furniture really set it off. His place almost had a feminine touch, but the huge TV and entertainment setup gave it a mescaline feel. Mario dropped his key on the counter overlooking the kitchen and walked me over to the sofa. He grabbed the phone and ordered a pizza. As we waited for the food, we sat and talked about his dreams of becoming a doctor. I gazed into his eyes and listened to his words with an intensity I’ve never felt before. When the doorbell rang I tried to regain my composure and act a little less lustful, but he was so fine; it was hard to concentrate. We continued talking after we were done eating and I couldn’t help but be captivated by him all over again.

Things were going so great until he asked me about my dreams and college goals. I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t even begin to think about what I would tell him. I hadn’t been to school since the third week! Hell I barely made it out of ninth grade, so I decided to lied. I told him I wanted to be a teacher and he seemed to be impressed, but it made me chuckle; considering I didn’t even like teachers or school. But I ran with it anyways, I even took it a step further and told him I was a good student. Then I laughed to myself, because I had only known Mario for less than a day and I wanted his approval. Call me crazy, but I did!

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