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The Introduction

Suga 2The Introduction

Hey world, I’m Suga Cools Castillo! Daughter of Lester and Arizona Cools, sister of Cinnamon Cools and wife of Mario Castillo. I was born August of 1975 in Sandy Springs, GA. I am a biracial Southern Belle with a rebellious streak and growing up in the south wasn’t easy. I had my own ideas about how life should go, but being raised by a Creole mama and White daddy made my upbringing crazy.

Both my parents came from a rich backgrounds with a twist. My mama’s family bought their freedom in the early 1800’s and became one of richest black families of creole descent in Louisiana. However, my dad’s family owned slaves and even had indentured servants until the early 1900’s.

They were also one of the richest horse breeding families in Georgia. Crazy background I know, but that’s my legacy. Now fast forward, before the Castillo, I was just Suga Cools. A high yellow southern belle with an attitude and as I reflect on my life, I think about the good and bad. All the experiences that shaped my life and made me the person that I am..

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