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The Escape: Excerpt from Chapter 5 of My Life Intangible Love

Excerpt from Chapter 5 Intangible Love

The Escape

Suga 1I avoided the closet like the Black Plague, hoping Jessie wouldn’t get suspicious and wise up to what I was doing. After two nights of partying and getting beat up, I knew something had to give. I gathered the courage to go into the closet and open Mario’s package. To my surprise there was twenty five hundred dollars in cash and his pager number inside. It took me a few seconds to catch my breath and then my heart broke, because I realized how much he truly love me. A brief moment of excitement washed over me and then reality kicked in. It had been six months and I doubtful he would want anything to do with me after I broke his heart. so I put the thought of paging him out of my head and moved forward with my plan of escape.

the next thing I remember was being dragged out of the shower and repeatedly punched in the face


The closer I got to my due date, the nicer I became. I even did all the nasty things he forced me to do, with a fake smile. Everything was going according to plan, but the last straw for me was when he bought five of his friends to our home and allowed them to run a train on me. I felt so disgusting and I stood in the shower trying to wash every inch of my body. To make matters worse, he called me a nasty whore for cheating. I thought my horrific night was over until I felt the fire from his hand as it crossed my face, then my head hit the shower wall. The next thing I remember was being dragged out of the shower and repeatedly punched in the face. After he forced himself on me, I wanted out in the worst and l completely gave in to the abuse. The next day, I put my pride aside for the sake of my unborn son. I knew I needed help and getting the phone cord was the key. I played the dutiful wife and the memory of Mario’s love got me through all the madness.

It took me awhile to execute my plan and a week longer to page Mario with our code for help. I wasn’t really sure he would even respond, but a few minutes late the phone was ringing and I started shaking nervously. I picked up the phone and hearing his voice after so long rendered me speechless. No matter how many times he called my name, I couldn’t answer. Finally he asked me where I was and what l needed him to do. I was stunned and overjoyed, that after all this time he was still willing to help me. After gathering my thoughts, I opened my mouth to speak and blurted out “I love you”. Silence was all I heard as I begin to second guess my decision to call. Then without warning Mario responded with ”I’ll always love you”. In that moment I wouldn’t to tell him everything, but I was to embarrassed and afraid of what he would think of me.

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