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Exciting Urban Script for the New Millenium

Summer Maddness: Excerpt from Chapter 10: My Life: Intangible

Excerpt From Chapter 10

Summer Madness

After the Olive Garden mess, I didn’t really speak any of my family members. With the exception of my sister, aunt Lucy, cousin Jasmine and Big Daddy. I don’t think they really cared about my lifestyle or judged me, they were just happy to have me home. They did ask a lot of questions and I’m sure they shared my responses with the rest of the family, but as long as I don’t have to deal with them directly, I was good with that. Besides the summer 94 was my time to have fun and discover new things. My life was complicated enough, without having to check in with my momma, my aunts and Big Mama all the time.

After meeting with my family, my summer kept getting interesting and I even got to spend more time with Mario and Carmen. I know I probably shouldn’t say this, but Mario was much more fun with a relaxed mind. He gave me insight into a world I’d never known, every moment was like a new adventure. When we were together, he allow himself the freedom to relax and enjoy whatever came our way. Watching Mario party as he preferred to called it, was crazy and weird on so many levels. It was like watching Dr Jekyll turn into Mr Hyde without the madness. Even though I watched him getting high, he never appeared intoxicated and I guess that’s what made it okay for me. Besides who was I to talk, he was always buying me weed and supporting my crazy ideas.

Andrea I remember when I decide to become a dancer, he took me to my first amateur night and sat through my audition. He was always telling me how sexy I was, but I figured beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I didn’t really feel or look like a dancer and I didn’t have any rhythm. The only thing I had going for me was Mario’s encouragement. He was always infatuated with appearance, he said my blonde hair, light eyes, porcelain skin, small waist, big butt and boobs reminded him of Marilyn Monroe. He said I was his dream girl and captivated him mentally.

After my first night dancing, I was more inclined to believe him. I made twelve hundred dollar, after I paid the house. The manager even offer me premium dancing days. By the end of the week, I found dancing exciting and I love all the attention. When I wasn’t working, I practice my routine for Carmen and tested it out on mario. She helped me learn some amazing new moves and pole tricms, but he gave me the motivation to keep having fun.

Dancing became an escape for me and I could pretend to be someone else, especially when Mario came by the club. He was always so sexually aggressive and we would go to the VIP lounge to have amazing sex. I loved every ounce of attention I received from him as well as other men and I quickly became popular on and off stage. I was one of the club’s highest paid and most requested dancers. I made so much money that summer, I started taking mini vacations. I even started hanging out with Cinnamon and Jasmine more.

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