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Something New: Excerpt from Chapter 7- My Life Intangible Love

Excerpt From Chapter 7

Something New

hotcouple8At around three o’clock in the morning as we slept, Carmen came in my room and said she needed Mario to get up because her water had broken. She was as cool as a cucumber when she said it and headed back to their room, but I was a panicked mess. I started shaking the hell out of Mario and finally startled him awake. He asked me what was wrong and I nervously told him, trying to keep myself from passing out. Mario got up without missing a beat and headed to their room. Fifteen minutes later he came back and asked me to watch the girls, I was still a hot mess. He tried to reassure me everything would okay, but I wasn’t quite so sure and I was nervous wreck. I was just getting used to being around the girls and now I had to watch them for several days alone. Mario tried to reach his mom, but she wasn’t speaking to him because of me and they headed to the hospital.

I stayed with the girls for four days and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The first two days were sort of awkward, because I didn’t know their schedule or daily routine. The twins were late for school and a few activities, but I was able to smooth it out with Pizza. Once I figured it out their daily routine, the last two days were great. I actually got the twins to school on time and the two youngest girls had a blast at home with me. Overall it was a pretty cool experience and I had fun getting to know all of the girl.

Mario brought Carmen and their new baby girl home on Saturday afternoon and we had a welcome home surprise ready, complete with signs and everything. The girls had woken up early Saturday morning to prepare their surprise. However, by noon the girls were cranky and they needed a nap. We all laid down in my bed and the next thing I knew, Mario was waking me up. He hugged me tightly and said I looked beautiful surrounded by the girls. At first it seemed like a dream, because I hadn’t seen Mario since he left for the hospital and now I was in his arms. He went to school and work from the hospital, even when I took the girls to visit Carmen he wasn’t there. I didn’t dwell on it for too long because I was so happy to see him and I returned his affection. Mario told me to wake the girls up and he was going to drive Carmen around the block, so that they could do her surprise.

After the newness of the baby passed, things started to get back to normal. I was finally able to start school, so I could finish my last year. Mario and Carmen were excited to see me getting out and doing things with my life. The girls and I had even grown closer to the point they referred to me as Mama. I had even develop an attachment to their new baby Liliana and sometimes I would pretended she was mines. I never let on that I was jealous, because being at their house give me a sense of purpose and I finally felt like I belonged. Mario even surprised me with a new car and in appreciation I help out a little more around the house. I took the twins Rosa and Yolanda to school and pick them up. I even helped more with the cook and clean, in addition to keeping up with schoolwork and homework.

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