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Exciting Urban Script for the New Millenium

Blindsided: Excerpt from Chapter 11: My Life: Intangible

Excerpt From Chapter 11


I walked down the hall, counting all my past wifely fails and feeling over emotional. I was happy and angry all in the same time. Plus my mind was in overdrive and played only Miguelone thought “How could she be having his baby and I can’t get pregnant”. I walked around the hospital for a while and when I returned, Carmen was being moved to the mother/baby recovery room. As we followed the nurses to her new room,  Mario wrapped arm around me and asked if I was okay. I lied and said yes, so I wouldn’t mess up the moment. I don’t think he believed me, because he stopped and pulled me into a bear hug. He lovingly kiss me on the lips and told me that he loved me, then we continued walking.

When we arrived at Carmen’s new room, her new nurses greeted her and her old nurses say goodbye. She got settled in while Little Mario was at the nursery getting cleaned up, the visitors started to arrive and they all patiently waited on the baby’s arrival. I set in the corner of her room under a blanket trying my hardest to be invisible and it seems to be working. When the nurse finally brought the baby in the room and placed him in Carmen’s arms, rveryone ogled him like a brand new car. Then the picture taking began.

As I watched people come and go, my exhausting day he began to catch up with me and I dozed off in my cozy corner. I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but when Mario woke me up it was already dark and the room was quiet. I asked what time it was and he told me it was time to go home. He hugged and kissed me and I hugged and kissed Carmen goodnight, I told her that I would see her the next day. She said okay and with a final wave, I walk out of the room. I went by the nursery to see Little Mario and kiss him goodnight too.

As I drove home, I couldn’t help but think about my negative pregnancy test from three days earlier. I kept telling myself it was my time, but I was wrong and I was deeply discourage. Overwhelmed with emotions, I pulled over to the side of the road and started to crying. Feelings of disappointment and thoughts of failure flooded my brain, I just couldn’t escape my sadness. After two hours of non stop crying, I wiped my swollen eyes and headed home.

I pulled into to the driveway and noticed Mario’s car, before I had a chance to react. I felt my car door fling open and Mario pulling me out, without a word he embraced me tightly. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I returned his embrace without hesitation. When he finally let go, he looked me up and down and asked if I was okay. I reassured him that I was fine and asked what was going on. Mario said when he called, his grandmother told him I was not there and he got nervous.

I couldn’t believe it, his wife had just given birth and yet he rushed home because he was worried about me. At that moment, I felt so safe and loved that I collapsed in Mario’s arms. He picked me up and carry me inside as I laid my head on his shoulder. His grandmother Aretha greeted us at the door with a shush, she said that the girls were sleeping and she didn’t want is to wake them. Mario put me down and thanked her with a kiss on the cheek. We quietly walked upstairs and went to our room, after we checked on the girls.

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